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    As of March 5, we've updated our corporate brand. We are in the process of updating our media library - in the meantime, please find new materials below.

    Key Facts

    updated Jan 2019

    Chief Executive Officer:
    New York City
    Web Address:
    NYSE Listing:
    Net Sales:
    $22.6 billion in 2018
    R&D Investment:
    $5.1 billion* which included the discovery and development of new medicines for patients
    *This non-GAAP amount excludes significant upfront and milestone payments for business development transactions and other specified R&D items.?
    2018 Largest-Selling Brands:

    OPDIVO?, $6.7 billion

    ELIQUIS?, $6.4 billion

    ORENCIA?, $2.7 billion

    SPRYCEL?, $2.0 billion

    YERVOY?, $1.3 billion

    BARACLUDE?, $744?million

    SUSTIVA? franchise, $283 million

    REYATAZ? franchise, $427 million

    Hepatitis C franchise, $17 million

    Selected Key Products:

    Please click on the product links to see the Full Prescribing Information for BARACLUDE?, DAKLINZA?,ELIQUIS?, EMPLICITI?, OPDIVO?, ORENCIA?, REYATAZ?, SPRYCEL?, SUSTIVA?, and YERVOY?, including Boxed WARNINGS for BARACLUDE?, ELIQUIS?, and Boxed WARNINGS for YERVOY? regarding immune-mediated adverse reaction.

    Bristol Myers Squibb Corporate B-roll

    Overview B-roll

    This B-roll includes a collection of footage of Bristol Myers Squibb campus exteriors, corporate signage, research and development, and manufacturing facilities.

    Usage Rights & Restrictions:?These?media assets are?free for editorial broadcast, print, online and radio use. They are?restricted for other purposes.

    Scientific Media Resources
    Disease State Infographics
    Disease State Infographics